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2006    MFA With Distinctions, University of Georgia, Athens, GA

2005    Ghana Summer Study Abroad, University of Georgia, Athens, GA

2000    BFA in Printmaking, Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, MO

1999    Exchange student in Printmaking, Brighton University, Brighton, England


2018    Women’s Studio Workshop, “Considering the Alternative,” Rosendale, NY

2017    Public Art Installation, “She Tempe,” image wrapped news stand, Tempe, AZ

2014    Gallery nine5, “Identity,” New York, NY (group show)

2013    Gallery@Hotel Indigo, “Wish,” Athens, GA (group show)

2012    First Street Gallery, “Play/House,” Eureka, CA (two person show)

2011    Tahoe Gallery, “Glitter and Dirt,” Incline Villiage, NV (two person show)

2010    Reese Bollen Gallery, “Grasping the Obvious,” Arcata, CA (three person show)

2009    Accident Gallery, “Claire Joyce,” Eureka, CA (solo show)

             Wignall Museum, “Raised in Craftivity,” Rancho Cucamonga, CA (group show)

2008    Maxim Gallery, “Kunst Und Babies,” Cologne, Germany (two person show)

             Swan Coach House Gallery, “All That Glitters,” Atlanta, GA (group show)

2007    Mercury Gallery, “Claire Joyce: Recent Work,” Athens, GA (solo show)

             Fay Gold Gallery, “Allegory for President,” Atlanta, GA (solo show)

             Greenlease Gallery, “Raised in Craftivity,” Kansas City, MO (group show)

             MOCA GA, “Movers and Shakers of the Georgia Art Scene.” Atlanta, GA (group show)

2006    Lyndon House, “Represent: The role of a gallery in the artistic process,” Athens, GA

             Fay Gold Gallery, “Next Hot Art Stars,” Atlanta, GA (group show)

             Georgia Museum of Art, “2006 MFA Candidates Exhibition,” Athens, GA (group show) 

             Lyndon House Arts Center, “31st Juried Exhibition,” Athens, GA (group show)

2005    Up Down Gallery, “Opening Exhibition,” Athens, GA (group show)

             Green Gallery, “Bumps on a Log,” (invitational)

             MOCA GA, “Pin-up Show,” Atlanta, GA (group show)

             Lamar Dodd School of Art, “Graduate Painting Exhibition,” Athens, GA (group show)

2004    Lamar Dodd School of Art, “Ghana Study Abroad,” Athens, GA (group show)

             Fay Gold Gallery, “Teacher’s Pet,” Atlanta, GA (group show)

             Thomas Street Art Gallery, “The Wonder Show of the Universe,” Athens, GA (collaborative installation)

             Cedar Street Painting Studios, “Make-out,” Athens, GA (interactive installation)

2003    Lamar Dodd School of Art, “Graduate Painting Exhibition,” Athens, GA (group show) 2002                         

             Telephone Booth Gallery, “Summer Salon,” Kansas City, MO (invitational)

2001    Pink Van, "Domesticratic Presidential Campaign," (traveling two person performance)

             Telegraph Gallery, "Mail It! (Collaborations with U.S. Post Office)," Kansas City, MO

2000    Station Casino, "A Spectacle of Adornment," Kansas City, MO, (two person art event)

             H&R Block Art Space, “BFA Exhibition,” Kansas City, MO

Residencies/Visiting Artist Engagements

2019    Women’s Studio Workshop, Resident Artist, Rosendale, NY

2018    Resident Artist painting mural, Meyer Montessori, Tempe, AZ

            Resident Artist at Mission Clay, Phoenix, AZ

2016    ASA Visiting Artist, portrait artist workshop, Jefferson City, MO

2013    Red Lodge Clay Center, Resident Artist, Red Lodge, MT

2011    StoneHouse Residency for the Contemporary Arts, Resident Artist, Miramonte, CA

             Sierra Nevada College, Visiting Scholar, Incline Village, NV

2010    Pottery Workshop, Resident Artist, Jingdezhen, China

2009    Visiting Artist, International School of Brussells, Brussells, Belgium

Professional Experience

2022-2023 Drawing Instructor and Children's art class Instructor, CazArts Carpenter's Barn, Cazenovia, NY

2015-2023 Commissioned portraits,

2017    Make Away Studio,

2009-2013 Drawing Instructor, College of the Redwoods, Eureka, CA

2007    Color theory instructor, Columbus State University, Columbus, GA

             Stage prop design for national tour, Of Montreal, Athens, GA

2002-2003 Artistic Director, Paul Mesner Puppets, Kansas City, MO

2002    Costume design for Hot Hot Heat music video, MK12, Kansas City, MO


2023    CNY Magazine, "Portrait of the Artists," by Amy Bleier Long, Mach/April 2023

2017    Make Away Studio Blog, columnist,

2015    Both Artist and Mother Artist of the Month December 2015,

2013    Athens Bannar-Herald, “Wishes warm the weather at Hotel Indigo exhibit,” by Andre Gallant, January 9, 2013

2011    Play/House: Claire Joyce and Garth Johnson at HSU First Street, exhibition interview, First Street Gallery

             Craftzine, “Claire Laire,” Monthly Columnist

2009-2011 Blog Columnist, ReadyMade Magazine

2009    “1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse,” Garth Johnson

2008    “Kunst Und Babies,” Maxim Gallery, Exhibition Catalogue

             Creative Loafing, “All That Glitters: Razzle Dazzle,” by Felicia Feaster, March 19, 2008

2007    Phelps, Julie: “Artist’s works in glitter create sparkling enthusiasts and eager collectors,”  Athens Banner Herald, August 3, 2007

             Sale, Beth: “Art Notes: Room to Move,” Flagpole Magazine, August 1, 2007

             Link, Melissa: “Art Meets Industry,” Athens Magazine, May/ June 2007

             Feaster, Felicia: “All that Glitters,” Creative Loafing, April 19, 2007

2006    Cullum, Jerry: “Young Artists go Deep,” Atlanta Journal Constitution, July 9, 2006

             Sale, Beth: “Art Notes: All that glitters,” Flagpole Magazine, April 5, 2006

             Johnson, Garth: “Glit R Done,”, May 8, 2006

2005    Art Papers, November/December 2005 (inside back cover image)

2001    Kaufmann, Gina: “Campaign Furniture Reform,” Pitch Weekly, February 22, 2001


Portfolios/Print Exchanges

2013    Tabloids, Print Exchange, Portland, Maine

2003    Coralville Express, Print Exchange, Iowa City, Iowa

2002    Summer Mail Art Exchange, Kansas City, MO 2000 Summer Mail Art Exchange, Kansas City, MO


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